Co-founder at Daproim Africa

Caroline Wanjiku

"We are an impact-driven enterprise, dedicated to transforming lives through our innovative business model. Currently, we are proud to serve over seven consistent clients from around the globe, delivering top-notch services with the help of our dedicated team. Our workforce comprises 80 full-time employees and approximately 150 part-time students who work remotely from various universities."

What makes us different?

Combining High-Quality Standards, Technological Innovation, and Social Impact.

Social Impact Focus

Creates jobs for marginalized communities, emphasizing youth and women, prioritizing socio-economic development over commercial gains.

Educational Partnerships

Collaborates with institutions for work-study programs, enhancing students' skills and employability while financing their education.

High-Quality Standards

Maintains rigorous quality control and continuous staff training, ensuring top-notch service for clients.

Technological Integration

Utilizes advanced technology for efficient, accurate, and scalable operations, distinguishing itself from less tech-savvy competitors.

Client-Centric Approach

Tailors solutions to meet specific client requirements, fostering strong, long-term relationships.

Local Expertise with Global Reach

Combines local knowledge with global business standards, preferred by international clients for reliable BPO services.

Meet the Team Behind Our Success

Innovating with Impact

Caroline Wanjiku
Caroline Wanjiku

Founder and CEO

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