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Daproim Africa. The Changemaker

On the 20th of September, Daproim Africa alongside another Kenyan company Eco2librium LLC was honored in a pompous celebration at a prestigious hotel, as an organization within the B Corp East Africa region to be included in the B Corps #BestOfTheWorld17 list.

What is a B Corp? What does it mean to have this logo accompany your already existing company logo? A B Corp is an organization that uses the power of business to solve social problems. These organizations aim to not only be the Best In the World in terms of generating profit, but also Best For the World in that they create a meaningful and positive impact in the community. These organizations strive to move away from the norm of adopting Corporate Social Responsibility and go a step further to ensuring that their businesses in the normal day to day operations purpose to always have a positive impact in the community.

Daproim was recognized in the #BestOfTheWorld17 list under the category Changemakers. The honorees on this list are calculated based on verified positive change across all impact areas over time.

Daproim Africa, a Kenyan-based Outsourcing Solutions firm is well known for its intention of changing lives of young individuals through training and offering employment opportunities. The Daproim team goes out of its way to ensure that their social mission of empowering young people is achieved. It is honored to have impacted the lives of 6,000 youth until now, and has the ambition of reaching the 10,000 mark by the year 2020.The entire team joined the C.E.O in celebrating a milestone that has added fuel to their desire to Be Better For The World.