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How Digitization Can Transform Your Business

How Digitization Can Transform Your Business

The advent of technology has brought with it numerous benefits that have in turn completely transformed the face of businesses. Placing our focus on two aspects only, storage and transmission of information, a decade ago, it was almost a dream to walk into any Kenyan office without noticing a significant portion of the space dedicated solely to hosting cabinets. These cabinets were all full of files which had years upon years of critical organizational information stored in them. The situation was so dire that organizations with the financial might would rent additional premises to act as storage facilities for their ever increasing cabinets. This burden had proven to be a necessary evil that businesses would have to live with or so they thought.

However, unlike how business owners thought, they would not have to suffer this plight for long. In came technology and with it, a process called digitization. This so called process was promising to solve all their storage problems while still offering security of their information, ease of access and transmission whenever needed. It would also in turn reduce overhead costs, while improving the productivity of their employees and save them money that they would have been spending. It seemed a deal too good to be true.

Daproim Africa, a Business Process Outsourcing Organization had long before delved into this process and the growing interest of what digitization was by the local market is just the break it was waiting for. The organization secured business with the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) with funding from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to digitize trademarks, patents and Industrial Designs.

Daproim was well on its way to secure its position as a digitization bigwig, but what exactly does this digitization mean ?Digitization is the conversion of analog information in any form to digital form with suitable electronic devices so that the information can be processed, stored and transmitted through digital circuits, networks and equipment. Daproim was promising to convert the allocated files from their current analog form into a digital form. Daproim employed a three stage procedure in their digitization process that allowed them to effectively and efficiently digitize and thus have a growing list of satisfied clientele.

Document organization – To ensure that the scanning process is fast and accurate, Daproim operators first meticulously arrange received documents a predefined order. During this process operators remove documents from files, and then remove safety pins or staples that may be attached to certain documents. Once this has been done, the documents are ready for scanning.

Document Scanning – We use top of the range high speed flatbed scanners to ensure high quality output. The scanning parameters can be adjusted to any resolution that the clients may prefer for storage. We can handle both large and small documents alike.

Document reorganization – Once the scanning process is completed, each document and file needs to be restored to its original state. During this process, our quality assurance team analyses the quality of the images scanned and ensures the accuracy of each scanned documents is as required. If any errors are found at this stage, the document that contains the error is quickly rescanned.

With attention to detail and double verification, digitization by Daproim proves to be one stone that can actually kill two birds. Don’t wait any longer become a digital business and propel your business to the next level.