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Daproim has built a reputation on providing quality document scanning, document management and document indexing services. Our on-site and outsourced scanning solutions are geared to best fit a client’s current and future requirements.

Daproim Digitization Services

Businesses are always looking for ways to become more efficient and reduce their running costs. One way they can do this is by employing document management services (DMS). Document management is one of Daproim’s main areas of focus. Daproim has built a reputation on providing quality document scanning, document management and document indexing services. Our on-site and outsourced scanning solutions are geared to best fit a client’s current and future requirements.

On-site document scanning is offered for clients who have sensitive or valuable documents that they may not want to leave their premises.

Daproim’s modern infrastructure includes specialized scanners and automatic document feeders that provide high resolution images and fast scanning speeds. Scanned documents can later be converted to any format depending on a client’s needs or the type of document management system that they are using.

Even though most clients prefer a TIFF or searchable PDF format at 300dpi, we can also deliver colored digital images and any index formats specified in any project requirement.

Our document management services include

  • Scanning of receipts, handwritten notes, legal files, accounting sheets and manuals
  • Secure disposal or Shredding of sensitive documents that a client may want discarded.
  • Manual and Automatic indexing of files.
  • Archiving of scanned documents.
  • Document cleanup, de-skewing of images and OCR indexing
  • Double data capture for documents which have data on both sides.
  • Installation or setting up of a document management system while performing document digitization.
  • Black and white or Full color scanning as per a client’s requirements.

Our document management services enable businesses to:

Lower business costs

Businesses will often employ a number of individuals to help in document tracking, collection and recovery. A document management system will eliminate the cost of employing a document collection team especially in a large organization with hundreds or thousands of physical records.

Free up office space

Document scanning will reduce the amount of paperwork clutter and unnecessary filling cabinets. The amount of freed up office space can be huge considering that one DVD can store information that would be otherwise held up in 30 filing cabinets. Freed office space can be utilized by staff to focus on more profitable business activities.

A business that does not require a large space can reduce the amount it spends on office rental charges.

Improve security and data protection compliance

Data security and protection is a key issue that each business should consider. Physical documents are at greater risk of getting damaged, stolen or lost through a fire or flood. Scanned documents offer improved security and data protection compliance for a business. Scanned documents can be stored on an online document management system that can offer different levels of access to readers.

Speed up access to information

A good number of businesses spend considerable amounts of time searching through paperwork for client information. This can delay projects and adversely affect customer response times. Scanned documents that have been well organized in a document management system can be accessed instantaneously. This significantly improves a company’s efficiency and creates more time for employees to engage in other activities that may be profitable for the organization.

Backup data

Digital documents can regularly be backed up ensuring there is continuity for your business. Physical paper documents stand a greater risk of damaged as compared to digital documents that have been backed up on a secure server. Also, documents that have been stored digitally can last longer in the same pristine condition as compared to physical documents, which deteriorate over time.

For those who may want to regularly update their data, digital documents offer better accessibility and convenience.

To help guarantee accuracy, Daproim has employed a three-step procedure.

Document organization – To ensure that the scanning process is fast and accurate, Daproim operators first meticulously arrange received documents a predefined order. During this process operators remove documents from files, then remove safety pins or staples that may be attached to certain documents. Once this has been done, the documents are ready for scanning.

Document Scanning – We use top of the range high speed flatbed scanners to ensure high quality output. The scanning parameters can be adjusted to any resolution that the clients may prefer for storage. We can handle both large and small documents alike.

Document reorganization – Once the scanning process is completed, each document and file needs to be restored to its original state. During this process, our quality assurance team analyses the quality of the images scanned and ensures the accuracy of each scanned documents is as required. If any errors are found at this stage, the document that contains the error is quickly rescanned.