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DIGITAL CAMPUS CONNECT (DCC) DCC, is a program that seeks to hire skilled but needy university students working remotely through our proprietary web application that feeds work tested and quality output back to the office for quality checking before sending the deliveries to the client.

Empowering Underserved Communities Through Remote Work Opportunities

Daproim Africa stands as a beacon of innovation and social responsibility in the realm of outsourcing. Established in 2006 by visionary entrepreneur Steve Kamanja, this social enterprise has championed the delicate balance between achieving commercial success and creating tangible social impact. Specializing in volume data management services, Daproim Africa caters to a diverse clientele, including research firms, multinational corporations, governmental bodies, educational institutions, media houses, telecom companies, and various other corporations. The ethos of Daproim Africa is encapsulated in the simple yet profound belief: ‘We believe in doing good as we make a profit.’ This philosophy is not just a tagline but the very heartbeat of the organization, guiding every strategy, decision, and partnership.

At the core of Daproim Africa’s operations is its commitment to the dual objectives of generating profit and fostering societal benefit. ‘Daproim,’ an acronym for Data Processing and Information Management, symbolizes the company’s expertise and focus on providing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions that are not only efficient and reliable but also socially impactful. Under the astute leadership of Steve Kamanja, Daproim Africa has experienced exponential growth, now boasting a dedicated workforce of over 150 professionals. These skilled individuals work tirelessly to manage and deliver projects for seven major and consistently satisfied clients, showcasing Daproim’s unwavering commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

In its pursuit of creating social impact, Daproim Africa has initiated the innovative DIGITAL CAMPUS CONNECT (DCC) program. This transformative initiative is specifically designed to empower economically disadvantaged but talented university students. DCC meticulously recruits these students and provides them with the opportunity to engage in meaningful work through a proprietary web application. This platform is not just a tool but a bridge connecting these students’ potential with real-world professional opportunities. The work undertaken through the Daproim Online Work Platform undergoes stringent testing and quality assurance processes in Daproim’s offices before being delivered to clients, ensuring the highest standards of excellence.

The impact of the DCC program extends far beyond the confines of conventional employment. It serves as a lifeline for these students, significantly enhancing their standards of living by offering them a stable and dignified income. This financial empowerment enables them to not only cover their tuition fees but also manage their day-to-day expenses and extend support to their family members. In essence, the DCC program is not just about providing jobs; it’s about nurturing hope, fostering independence, and building a foundation for a brighter, more sustainable future.