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How The Right Font Could Secure That Dream Job For You

It is public knowledge that for any advertised position, a hiring manager receives numerous resumes and basing our discussion solely on that, that manager has few seconds to look at any one application and in that brief period decides whether or not they have been impressed.

The selected font speaks volumes about the individual’s sense of style, their personality and professionalism. These are critical factors considered by the hiring manager and as an applicant you need to be sure that the intended message is similar to the one being perceived.

Moderation is key when it comes to selection of a font. The aim should be to achieve a tasteful and interesting but professional balance. The text written should be alluring but not distracting. While considering all these attributes, the readability of the text should be of paramount importance.

Our top three picks, why we love them and why you should adopt them;


It has a modern and elegant feel to it. It shows that you are cultured but not afraid to embrace modern day trends. It however has one minor setback; it does not appear well on print media, thus limiting the user only to using it on the web.


Calibri is a font that’s familiar to the eye and not as obvious as Times New Roman which is championed in all schools. It allows your resume to stand out while still maintaining all the traits appropriate for a good font.


Helvetica is perfection in itself. It is a welcoming, alluring, readable font that will set your resume apart from the seas of resumes that the hiring manager will be wading through. Unlike Georgia, Helvetica has no limitations.

With that, don’t wait any longer; start updating your resume with a font that will set you apart from all the rest. #UYRM